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Meals + Health Support Uniquely Designed for your Goals.

We deliver meals, snacks, and functional support to help you reach tangible results you can feel and track.100% organic, plant-based, and customized to your health needs. As always.

Reengineering preventative healthcare

with Evidence-based Research, Microbiome Science, Algorithms, and Exquisite Food.

We make delicious customized meals you can build habits around—for each of your health needs.


business-insider"Shockingly Good Food. This is going to blow up the healthy food scene."
Food & Wine"Your excuses for eating a quick, unhealthy lunch will soon be null and void."
forbes"The only diet able to slow down cellular aging and prevent chronic disease."
cnbc"It’s like having a chef and a nutritionist working for you!"
"This is about preventative healthcare through food."
"They will help you organize your life around healthy meals."

How it works

STEP 1We Match Science and Data to Your Specific Health Needs.

Based on clinical outcomes, peer-reviewed research, microbiome science, and soil data, we build precise customized recipes for you.

STEP 2We Cook and Deliver Delicious Customized Meals to Build your Long-term Health.

PS1: We’re foodies. So we’re talking organic, fine-dining quality plant-based meals.

STEP 3We Keep Track of your Results to Adjust Your Plan to your Lifestyle.

PS2: You can text about food cravings 24/7, we’ll be on the look-out.

Text us anytime to let us know how you feel and how we can keep making meals that help you reach your peak health.

80% of the Costliest Diseases are Preventable through Food*

Yet, the average American spends 14x more time scrolling social media than planning and picking what to put in their daily meals.

* Center of Disease Control Data
What's the story?
By Now,You’veHeard it All.

Gluten is bad. Carbs are bad. Protein comes only from animals. Count your calories. Drink juices. Probiotics come in pills…and other fake news that made Instagram gurus famous.


Books and papers are still cool.
Science.Real Food.No Shakes.

More than 4,000 food and health-related peer-reviewed research papers are published every day.

We found a way to design your customized meals as if you had a renowned researcher, a data-scientist, a thoughtful physician and a talented chef looking after you.

Some people have periods.

You were bleeding, but you showed up. You showed up to take an exam, run a marathon, teach a class, drive a bus, speak in Congress or save lives…

Kudos for the bravery but that’s 6 years of your life. Let’s make the most out of it with meals you and your hormones will  ❤️

About 13 million people struggle with infertility. (US 2017)

This is not a female problem, like many beautiful things in life - it takes two. Before jumping into costly procedures like IVF, you can start by getting in shape and let your body know that maybe, someday, you want kids.

Food can help.😋

Hormones, at some point, say bye to periods.

That’s a pause before a restart to embrace new adventures. 💭💭

So let’s be proactive in dealing with those hot flashes, sweaty sleepless nights and emotional swings.

Meanwhile, about 58 million people deal with IBS in the US only.

These 3 letters can’t define 58 million of kids, teens, and adults across the US only. Before having IBS, you are an artist, a chef, a great guy or a bright woman.

Food can help rebuild your digestive health. Let’s give this a shot.


Feeling sluggish and constantly tired no matter how much sleep and rest you get? This might be due to iron-deficiency anemia.

Iron is an oxygen dispatcher in your red blood cells. We’ll help you replenish your iron stores with delicious food.

Then, the mother of them all.

Type 1. Type 2. Type 3. Pre-Diabetes. Skinny-Fats. Undiagnosed.

Let’s tackle this.

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WeTheTrillions. Public Benefit corporation, based in San Francisco, CA. All Rights Reserved.
WeTheTrillions Services are exclusively intended for wellness purposes. Substantial scientific research has established the positive impact of the ingredient combinations we use and recommend, however, our service does not guarantee results if other lifestyle changes are not integrated. The meals and support we offer are not intended to help treat or diagnose disease, or to substitute for physician’s consultation. All data provided is protected, and not stored or used except to offer more customized service to users. For more information, please visit our Privacy Policy page.