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Discover our NorCal Diabetes Challenge.

Enrollment open until January 30th
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The Gut Telegraph.

Reporting on science and curating stories, news, and tips to help you thrive.
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    40-Minute Read

    134 Things You Need to Know and Do About Diabetes: The Ultimate Guide for The Newly Diagnosed

    This guide is our contribution to honor Diabetes Awareness Month and give you something you can act on to transform your life or support a loved one who deals with diabetes.

    If you're looking for a collection of resources on how to better manage and live with diabetes, this list is for you.

    We researched the most science-driven sources and gathered the latest research, terminology, resources, and actionable advice to help you achieve your peak health.

    Read this in one sitting or jump to the section below you’re most interested in.

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    Public Health is in crisis. Sign this Petition to Request a Dedicated Town Hall Democratic Debate about it.

    We need visionary policies and a bold strategy to win the fight against chronic disease. Just like smoking and climate change, the fight to improve public health is a global one.

    Today, we have the opportunity to rewire the status-quo. There is a public health crisis - one that deserves a dedicated Town Hall debate to give the opportunity to candidates to articulate their measures to help reshape the definition of healthcare as we know it.

    Let’s make this happen.

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    4 minute read

    The Urgent Need for Innovation in Agricultural Policies

    We can’t afford a lack of vision in agriculture policies given the current state of public health and climate change challenges.

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    4 minute read

    The best thoughts and prayers for the Amazon rainforest should happen at meal time. Go plant-based.

    The Amazon rainforest is on fire and all fingers are pointing to animal agriculture industry as the first responsible for this environmental and public health catastrophe. This is not a wildfire, but the consequence of cattle ranching. If this seems like a far-fetched connection, here is the short story to connect the flame you’ll see around social media with you and the trillions of microbes within you.

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    5 minute read

    This is what Google reveals about how we want to achieve health. Here is how science proves us wrong.

    Americans spend more than $3.5 trillion a year on healthcare. That’s $10,739 per person - almost three times the OECD average of $3,854. There is one solution more than 50% of adults opt for on a daily basis to improve their health: OTC dietary supplements. Science couldn't disagree more.

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